Understanding customer behavior on your website

We’ve recently discovered a new tool for understanding how customers are using a website. It’s called HotJar. It makes available some cool tools for seeing exactly how users are engaging with your website. In particular I love the heatmap function which allows you to see exactly where users are moving their mouse and clicking as[…]

Wordcamp 2016 Toronto

I’m currently attending Wordcamp 2016 in Toronto, an annual event where designers, coders, marketing and business people who use WordPress get together to discuss ideas about how to better serve the communities we’re part of. These events (which occur in cities around the world) are great because you get to hear from some great authorities[…]

Why you should use a site monitoring service

Do you have a website for your small business that customers use to get information like your contact details or details on your products/services? Do you use an email address that is attached to your website? For example [email protected]? What happens if there is an outage with the hosting service for your website? Are you the first to know about[…]